Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No More Holidays...For Now

At last, the no holiday season has started for the floral community. Mother's Day was the last one until Thanksgiving, so now we can relax. It's been a crazy busy last couple of weeks with Administrative Professionals Day and then Mother's Day.

But on the bright side, being busy as helped me lose more weight. So as of yesterday I have officially lost 5% of original body weight. Yippee!! Of course though, none of my pants fit right. I feel like a schlub because they are all baggy and saggy and I constantly have to pull them up. None of my belts fit anymore either. Oh well, it comes with the territory. Just have to suck it up and wait til they are falling off before I buy more pants.

It's been a while since I posted about what I have read. I believe I have read 4 more books since The Taker. And what is sad is that I can't remember exactly which they are right now. Hahaha. I will post a list of them later. Am too lazy to review them right now.

We are finally getting more shelves installed in my store today. I was starting to get claustrophobic in here with all the extras we are starting to carry. It will be so nice to not have boxes EVERYWHERE. The place won't look so haphazard.

This weekend is my husband's birthday. He hasn't exactly made a concrete plan as to what he wants to do. He has plans upon plans. But it's his day so, we will do what he wants.

I guess I should get back to work....