Sunday, July 10, 2011

For want of a job.

I have recently become unemployed. My former employ was one I enjoyed greatly. Such is life though. As much as I mourn my loss of a job, I more so feel the loss for my former employer who made the gut wrenching, heart tearing choice of closing down after 94 years of continuous business. Business just isn't what it used to be. Customers were shocked and dismayed at our closing, but it takes money to make money, and they weren't spending it, so we weren't making it.

I learned many great things there. From how to care for a customer to how to make someone happy with the simplest of gifts. At times the work would be very strenuous, but despite my seemingly lazy demenor, I enjoyed the challenge that came with the work and all that it entailed.

I wish in finding a new job, I could stay in the same field. But due to the time of the year, it is the slowest time for work and so now I sit and wait and search in other fields to find something to keep us going.

And of course, life has thrown us yet another curve ball. My most wonderful husband has been let got as well. So here we both are in search of new employment. The cabin fever is starting to set in and yet with no income to really speak of, we are slowly but surely going to go crazy sitting at home trying to find jobs not able to go and enjoy what is out there for lack of funds.

So here I sit, hoping to get my thoughts out so they don't get all bogged in my mind as I try to find something to do.

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