Saturday, April 28, 2012

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last night we went out and saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in a local theater that shows old movies.

It was so much fun. I never got to see it in a theater because I was 1 when it came out, but have seen it MANY, MANY times on tape, yes tape and DVD. It was like reliving my childhood, watching Harrison Ford swinging from his whip and taking out the evil Nazis.

Right before a lot of memorable scenes I would say the lines to myself or pantomime something from a scene right before it happened. My husband kept looking at me like I was a dork. Well I am sorry, I am.

I love that the Hollywood Theater in Dormont shows all these old movies. So many I never got to see because I either wasn't born or was to little.

My family made me and my cousins movie whores for lack of a better term. We tried to go to as many first showings first day as possible. And this was long before midnight premiers. I can remember being the 1st and 2nd in line to see Mission Impossible, standing in line from 7 am for 3 hours. Plus because we were within the first 100, we got to see it for free and won prizes.

Ah...those were the days. Too bad we have to work now and can't really do midnight premiers. Oh well, whatcha gonna do.

 I finished another book. The Taker by Alma Katsu. First in a trilogy, it is a unique take on immortality. Lanore McIlvrae grew up in a small village in Maine during the 1790s and is enamored with the son of the village's creator, Jonathan St. Andrew. He is the playboy of the village, yet she follows him like a longing, love sick puppy.

After years of being his friend and seeing him with all the other single AND married women of the village, like I said playboy, she finally sleeps with him, only to end up pregnant. Obviously for this time period this is quite the scandal her family wishes to keep quiet, so they send her away to Boston to a convent to have the child and give it away.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men never go exactly as planned.. Lanny, as she is affectionately called by Jonathan, doesn't go to the convent to which her parents wish her to go and winds up being picked up by the consorts of the evil Adair.

The story follows Lanny's recollection of her life to a present day ER doctor back in the now small town of St. Andrew, Luke Findley who is supposed to be checking her for wounds, after the local PD find her walking down a deserted road alone, covered in blood she claims to be that of Jonathan.

The story is sad and heart-wrenching at times, but somehow you just want to know what is going to happen next to Lanny, Jonathan and Luke. It was a pretty good read. The second installment of the series, The Reckoning, comes out June 19th.

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