Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Lately I have been reading about the new Taco scene in Pittsburgh. And of course being Hispanic and having grown up eating everything Tex-Mex and Mexican, I begin to investigate.

I have been pretty disappointed. There is this movement to remake Mexican food. I hate it. What is wrong with traditional food? Most everything I find reminds me of California.

Plus it's almost impossible to find good Mexican Pan de Dulce (sweet bread). And no Pan de Dulce is not a specific pastry, it's any type of sweet pastry or bread found in a Mexican Bakery.

One of my favorite things is called a mollete ( moh-yeh-teh). Or some call it a concha because the pattern in the baked on frosting looks like the tip of a sea shell.

So I got it in my crazy brain to make some. I found what looked like a pretty reliable recipe online. Tonight I tried it. The frosting is dead-on, but the bread, while good, is no match to the breads from where I'm from.

There are the results: post and pre bake. (stupid program insists on publishing them in this order)

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